Dear Customers and Partners, 

There have been a lot of changes at Proteus, including this web site. We will update you soon. You can visit the old web site at this address: 

In the meantime, just a quick announcement about the two most popular products you are looking for. They are finally back after six months. Early results by some premier labs (such as Harvard) has been overwhelmingly positive, which we are very confident about and happy to hear. 

However, there are some price changes immediately: 

25-6790 myosin VIIa antibody  50 ug  $350

25-6791 myosin VI antibody  50 ug  $450

Both products are rabbit polyclonal antibodies, affinity purified with respective specific antigens. Final concentration is at 1 mg/ml. 

Feel free to reach out to us at, or at 617-440-5900. 

Thanks you!